My classes are creative, dynamic, and grounding. Each class that I teach is different. I teach from the heart, sharing my passion for movement and mindfulness. I love helping others find the magic that physical exercise brings, and my aim is to support my students to live a mindful life with calmness, clarity, and connection.


An energising, upbeat, moderately paced vinyasa class designed with postures to build core strength, to encourage stability and flexibility and to fill the body and mind with positive energy.

Online Coaching

Online Coaching based around nutrition and mindset is ideal for anyone that is new to training or has been training on their own for a while and looking for structure and to start making some real progress.


This is an energising upbeat Pilates class designed to improve posture, neuromuscular balance, control and coordination while improving their overall health by addressing any imbalances in the body.

Mindfulness Coaching

The biggest investment you can make in your life is in your own personal wellbeing. There has never been more a need for people to become more mindful than in the present day.

Online Monthly Membership

A unique approach to online classes. Inspire Wellness provides live and on demand Pilates, Yoga, Total Body Workout and Meditation classes for every level.

Corporate Classes

Inspire Wellness provides wellbeing talks, mindfulness training, and mindfulness courses for the workplace, as well as private yoga and pilates classes to improve office morale, productivity levels and overall health.

Private Classes

Individual online sessions can be a great way to boost your confidence and improve your technique. Get in touch and we can arrange a time that suits you or alternatively you can book your slot online through the website.


From Some
Past Clients

"I’ve been going to Sarah’s classes both online and in person for over 2 years and I cannot recommend her enough! Sarah is an amazing teacher and is such a fab person, everyone feels so welcome in her classes and her enthusiasm and positivity really encourages you to push yourself - her class is the first exercise class I’ve ever stuck with and I love going every week 🙌🏼"

"Sarah makes us work hard and her Pilates is always such a great workout. She pushes us the extra mile even when we don't want to go. I ​can't recommend her enough. The best instructor ever. She pays attention to correct our postures and makes adjustments. Her classes are a must, plus she is super friendly!"


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